As originally published on TechCrunch on 02-Sep-2016 The first cybersecurity unicorn kernel popped in late 2013 with the announcement of CloudFlare’s $50 million Series C investment. Today, 10 privately held companies hold membership in the ultra-exclusive cybersecurity unicorn club. With the addition of each new member, eyebrows are raised and questions are asked. What underlying data supports […]

Hot markets are exciting markets and cybersecurity acquisitions are red hot. The recent sale of Blue Coat to Symantec for a staggering $4.3B suggests there is still ample opportunity for mergers, acquisitions, and roll-ups. Recently the partners at TrueBit came together and discussed what companies, public and private we thought we ripe for acquisition. While each of […]

Tanium + FireEye After FireEye’s meteoric rise and recent IPO, most people are familiar with the company. They’re most well known for their appliance-based approach to detecting emerging malware. However, they’ve branched out into other aspects of security recently — mostly by way of acquisition. FireEye picked up iSight Partners, which is a threat intelligence […]

Over the past three years, a group of government bureaucrats has worked silently to hobble the white-hot Israeli cybersecurity industry. No, this is not some hacktivist group or a sinister foreign agency, but rather our own ministers. In mid-January of this year, Israel’s premier business outlet Globes revealed that the Ministry of Defense’s Exports Control […]

The importance of information security continues to grow and the stakes are higher than ever. Who could have imagined the world’s cybersecurity landscape as it stands today? Anonymous has declared cyber war on ISIS. Another hacker group, AnonSec, just claimed to have so thoroughly breached NASA that it was nearly able to crash one of […]

It is no secret, investors love cybersecurity right now. Cyber start-ups are sprouting up everywhere, and they are in need of investor sunshine. Likewise, investors are on the hunt for robust seedlings with the potential to rapidly grow their investment gardens. The market is hot, and this fertile ground has often generated some strange behaviors. […]

When a buzzy, high profile technology company, like Norse, collapses, us industry analysts are compelled to seek a deeper meaning. What does this collapse signal? What lessons can we learn? Is cybersecurity doomed? Norse’s implosion is a fascinating tale, with many lessons to learn. However, the haunting question is, why are we still learning some […]

Working with security start-ups for the last 15 years has made one thing abundantly clear, there is no end in sight to the growth of this market. *Privco (data research firm) reports that cybersecurity start-ups raised a record $1billion in a single quarter in Q1 2015. At the start of 2015 we’d already surpassed the […]

Product roadmaps are an integral part of the technology industry. Whether it is software, hardware, smartphones, or security, every company has (or should have) a product roadmap. The typical roadmap lays out the features and capabilities of products over a 12-36 month period. The average technology roadmap is often equal parts ambition, ingenuity, and insanity. […]