$1B+ Security & Technology Firm

$1B+ Security & Technology Firm

by Andrew Plato 18 June, 2016 0

This $1B+ Security & Technology Firm sought to add an advanced anti-malware solution to complement its existing product portfolio. After many attempts at comparing market offerings to its own R&D efforts, it required assistance with selection from over 11 solutions to support its ultimate investment decision.

Comprehensive side-by-side analysis of the market direction and competitive solutions, combined with unique field expertise, narrowed choices down to two companies.

Consultant’s knowledge and development of a “True-to-life” POC in an environment challenged by recent threat actors, breaches unknown to the public, and an intensive incident response scenario.

Client benefited from reliable and rapid decision support that brought clarity to pursuit of it’s best target opportunity. This comprehensive pre-due diligence effort was achieved without disruption to deal flow and client made subsequent successful acquisition.

Value Added
Client avoids risk of selecting an under-performing solution, and inheriting potential patent litigation challenges. Saved company $48M in over valuation of asset. Acquistion exceeds revenue proforma estimates within 12 months.