Global Defense Firm

Global Defense Firm

by Andrew Plato 18 June, 2016 0

This global defense firm was looking to expand their cybersecurity offerings through the acquistion of key strategic technologies. The company was unsure if the target firms would fit with their long term strateigic goals.

In-depth technical analysis coupled with a review of the people, processes, and market position of the target firm.

We were able to paint a complete picture of the target firm’s strengths and weaknesses across a diverse spectrum of topics. Our analysis showed how the current technologies supported the acquirer’s strategic goals, as well as showing the areas where futher development was necessary.

Client got an honest, multi-dimensional analysis that considered technical capability in context of the organization’s operations and people.

Value Added
Client was able to restructure aspects of the acqusition to include other parties. This allowed them to share the risk across all interested parties. The ultimate savings to the Client was well over $200M.