Risk Assessment

Analyze the risk of an acquisition or merger from multiple dimensions. Each assessment includes comprehensive analysis, threat matrix, and detailed recommendations on mitigating risk. The TrueBit team can assess risk from all or some of the following risk dimensions:

  • IT Security
  • Intellectual Property
  • Third Party
  • Marketing, Sales, and Messaging
  • Technical and Product
  • Software Development
  • Regulatory and Risk (PCI, HIPAA, NERC, U.S. Federal and Cyber Insurance Industry)
  • Organizational Structure and Management

Market Due Diligence

TrueBit Cyber Partners offers acquirers/investors a complete and verifiable detailed reporting that surpasses industry standards for those who want decision support in the areas of:

  • Technical ecosystem
  • Technical Alliances and integration,
  • Market comparables and valuation
  • Customer & Competitive
  • Operational efficacy of target companies
  • Portfolio Assessment

TrueBit Cyber Partners also works with distressed companies and investors to provide decision support for further investment, divestment and/or measurement of future growth opportunity.

M&A Due Diligence Prep – Buy and Sell Side

TrueBit Cyber Partners works with companies to identify the preparation needed to move the organizations closer to a potential transaction. We provide expertise beyond generic checklists, web research and conference calls. We work in the field to develop primary operational and competitive research and complete evaluation of customers, assets, ecosystem risk and technical risk mitigation strategies. We leverage our vast network of industry experts to provide the most comprehensive information available in the market today.

Technical Due Diligence

TrueBit Cyber Partners offers customers complete and comprehensive technical security assessment for purposes of compliance, insurance, target attestation and verification.

  • Source Code Analysis
  • Vulnerability Analysis
  • Application Performance Testing
  • Breach/Historical Analysis
  • Services Review
  • Operational Reviews
  • Security Program Assessment

Target Discovery

TrueBit Cyber Partners assists experienced acquirers as well as first-time investors in target selection, market sub-sector education and establishment of criteria, decision support and overall strategic planning. We are proficient in:

  • The measurement and analysis of pro forma and return on investment scenarios
  • Analysis of post-acquisition capability and integration and business synergy
  • Evaluation of market leadership, roadmap and comparables